Of course you want to sell more! That’s why you have a business, right?

There is no simple answer or solution because everything depends on where you’re at.

If you don’t have a website, we’ll design one for you

  • making sure it complies with current design, coding and usability standards
  • that is SEO friendly

If you already have a website but are not currently selling online: we will design your website (if needed), we’ll add an a shopping cart, link you with your payments processing vendor and secure your site.

Maybe you already have a website but it is not quite working as you expected. If this is the case then we’ll look into a few things

  • You might need to redesign some part of your website to showcase your products better or to display information more clearly
  • You might need to re-think your navigation bar to make it easier for customers find what they’re looking for
  • Email marketing is a great tool for increasing sales both from new and existing customers. Don’t have an email list? don’t worry. We can help you create one too.
  • Do you have specials or coupons? We can help you create online specials and coupons that we can post on your site for everyone to see, and also distribute them online via Facebook and Google


We can help you add a shopping cart to your existing website.

  • We’ll set up payments
  • create/improve the product pages
  • make sure your website is secure and conforms to the payment provider’s security standards


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