Web Analytics is an essential but often overlooked component of any online presence, which is key in helping you make more business online, discover ways to save money and optimize your budget.

Web analytics can be used to discover site design and usability issues that are keeping your customers from doing business with you, measure the success of your email campaigns so you can use your budget more effectively, see where traffic is coming from so you can optimize your Adwords campaigns and your marketing spending.

We can help you:

  • understand what your customers do once they come to your site to see if it matches your business goals. Are they finding what they¬† need? are they looking at the products/services you want them to look at?
  • e-commerce sites can find out if you are losing sales or customers. Do they add products to the cart? Are they encountering any issues during checkout that makes them drop the purchase?
  • if you promote your services online, web analytics can help you find out if customers are looking at your offering and if they are interacting with the site in a way that will lead to a phone call or a sale.
  • are your customers signing up for your newsletter?
  • are your email campaigns effective? how many people open your email? did they take action? what did they do? This will help you optimize your email marketing budget
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the dollars you invest in your email and Google Adwords campaigns by finding out how many customers come to your site from these campaigns and what they do once in your site.
  • choose the best web analytics package for needs and install it on your website
  • determine the key performance indicators for your business
  • create ongoing reports that you can access any time to monitor your website

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