eMail marketing is a very powerful, low-cost way to reach out to your customers. eMail Marketing helps you acquire new customers, increase sales from existing customers, foster customer loyalty and enhance your brand recognition.

Sample uses of eMail Marketing include: sending promotions and coupons, telling your customers about new products and services, announcing news about your company.

In addition, eMail is an excellent channel to integrate with other channels. It can be used as follow-up to a direct mail piece, remarketing after a Web site purchase, or in campaigns tied to other programs, like loyalty, etc.

We can help you to:

  • define and plan your e-Mail Marketing strategy
  • segment your database and create a specific strategy for each segment
  • create your emails
  • test the most effective subject, copy and design
  • design landing pages on your website to increase the effectiveness for your campaigns
  • analyze the results of your campaigns and optimize future ones
  • help you choose the most appropriate provider for your needs
  • grow your emailing list

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