Selling online is one of the most cost-effective ways to do business. Businesses, artists and non profits can expand their reach and significantly increase their sales with an online store.

If you don’t sell on line yet, we can help you set up one. If you are already selling online, we can help you increase your sales by optimizing key pages on your site and improving the user experience.

Optimizing key pages on your website (home, product, category, cart and checkout pages can significantly increase your sales (or “conversion”, as it is usually referred to).

In addition, a poor user experience can also keep you from reaching your sales potential: if customers can’t find your products, they won’t be able to buy them.

eCommerce is one of our strengths and we are confident we will be able to help you significantly increase your online sales.

If you sell or are thinking about selling online, we can help you with a wide range of solutions:

Basic eCommerce services:

  • help you choose and set-up an ecommerce solution that fits your needs
  • define/improve the navigation for your store so customers can find what they want, quickly
  • optimize your home, category, product pages to create a smooth shopping experience
  • optimize cart and checkout pages to keep customers from abandoning their purchase

Advanced eCommerce services:

  • implement product recommendations to promote cross-sales and up-sales (“you may also like”, “better together”)
  • implement site search. On average, 40% of customers use site search to find the product they need. Making search a critical part of your site
  • add customer ratings
  • implement A/B or Multivariate testing to find the best lay out and page sequence that increases your sales and the customer experience
  • implement web analytics to monitor your site performance, find opportuinties for enhancements that will increase your sales, and improve your ROI (Return on Investment)

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