We partner with PR, Design and Advertising agencies to help them provide higher value and a wider range of services to their clients.

Through e-ffectiveWeb, they can now offer not only our web design expertise, but expand their offerings to eMail Marketing, Web Analytics, SEO, eCommerce optimization, and much more.

What we add to PR, Design and Advertising agencies:

  • provide guidance for usability, navigation and information architecture best practices
  • make sure their designs are optimized for search engines (SEO optimization)
  • enable the sites they design to be measured through web analytics and develop key performance indicators and reporting to monitor performance
  • help optimize for eCommerce (if required)
  • assist with eMail Marketing strategies
  • develop A/B or Multivariate testing and provide recommendations
  • other ad-hoc services

Our services are provided under the umbrella of your company, that is, the client never learns about e-ffectiveweb, unless you want them to.

For Advertising Agencies

We partner with Advertising Agencies to develop digital media strategies for their clients. We provide end-to-end services for a comprehensive digital media campaign:

  • develop websites, microsites and blogs
  • optimize designs for SEO
  • provide guidance on best practices and industry standards on technology and usability for different types of websites: corporate, e-commerce, media, lead generation, customer service.
  • develop web analytics reports to monitor performance and provide recommendations for improvement
  • test different designs and layouts through A/B and Multivariate testing, and provide recommendations to improve conversion and site performance

For Public Relations Firms & Agents

An internet presence has become an integral part of any Public Relations strategy. We can help Public Relations Agencies to expand their reach into the web through:

  • website development to further the reach of your customer’s message
  • development of a blogging image and strategy
  • optimizing content and designs for SEO
  • developing email campaigns based on your communications goals and strategy
  • providing guidance on best practices for different type of websites (media, product presentation, lead generation, customer service, etc.)
  • monitoring and providing recommendations for improvements to the online media strategy based on web analytics reports
  • testing different designs and layouts through A/B and Multivariate tests and provide recommendations on effectiveness and performance

For Design Agencies

With Internet technologies becoming more and more ubiquitous, Design Agencies partner with us to expand the services they provide to their clients. We provide all the necessary services to deliver a world class web presence.

  • we leverage the image you created for your client and translate it for the web
  • if you already created a web identity, we can help you optimize it for Search Engines (SEO optimization)
  • we can also assist with content creation and strategy for SEO
  • provide guidance on best practices and industry standards for technology and usability
  • we can implement web analytics on websites you already created, and develop ongoing reports so your clients can monitor the success of the website you delivered
  • we provide recommendations for improvement of existing websites based on web analytics and A/B and Multivariate testing. We develop and implement the tests, and provide recommendations for improvement
  • through us, you can offer your clients to expand their business through emailing campaigns. We can assist in developing a strategy, select the best tools and provide guidance on design best practices and messaging.

Businesses and agencies we’ve partnered with:

  • United Virtualities (digital agency)
  • MVC communications (brand develpment, marketing, advertising)
  • AS Creative Network (branding)
  • 3Pin Media (online game design)
  • Dalekeva (graphic design, packaging design, corporate identity)
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