There two powerful tools that are often overlooked by business owners that can yield to lower costs and increases returns.

When told about Web Analytics, more often than not business owners say “ok, so it tells me how many people come to the site and how many pages they saw. So what?”

So what? Web analytics can tell you a lot more than that. It can provide information that will help you optimize your Internet spending (be it in SEO, web design or social media) and/or increase the returns of your current spending. How? Click on the examples below…

Let’s say you’re paying a monthly fee to an online directory to promote your site. Web Analytics can tell you whether that site is bringing enough traffic to justify the expense. If it isn’t then you just found yourself some savings!
As in the previous case, you’re paying a monthly fee to an online directory to promote your site. But you’re also aggressively devoting resources (either your time or paying someone else) to Facebook. Then you look into your Web analytics reports and see that the online directory is not bringing enough people to justify the expense AND that you have a lot of people coming from social networks.

This is telling you that maybe, you should either stop announcing in the online directory, therefore saving money, OR that you could use the money you were allocating to that directory into more Social Networks initiatives.

You already invested in your website. But do you know if you’re using it to its fullest potential? Are people visiting your most important pages? Web analytics can tell you what pages they visit and if they have any issues taking further steps along the sales process, be it making a reservation or appointment, clicking the “buy” button, downloading a song, viewing a video, or simply just getting to your “sales” page
You are considering creating the mobile version of your site. But it is not a cheap project. Should you invest? Web Analytics can tell you how many people access your site from a mobile device and what pages they see when connected from their phone. This should help you determine if the investment is worth it and which pages you should focus on first


Learn more about Web Analytics and see how it can help you save money, optimize your spending and increase the return on your internet investment

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Another underestimated but powerful tool is Testing. Testing does, well… test.

Testing can be applied to any element in your site or email and results tells you what works and what improvements can be made to improve results. Elements usually tested for are: calls to action, page layouts (where and how to place text, photos and other elements on the page), text of special offers, email subject lines, email layouts, etc.

For example: you can test which one generates more clicks: “Save $20 Now!” or “Save 10$”?

Or whether “Join us for a great evening” or “Tasty drinks  at our open house” makes more people open your email.

Or if a longer text with photo vs shorter description with large button makes more people register for your event.

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