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Have an expert manage my website

Keeping your website up to date is a critical part of your business: a website with last year’s event still posted on the homepage or with outdated product information results in missed sales/business opportunities and gives a poor impression of your business. But also, an updated website ranks better in Search Engines. […]

I want to lower my costs

There two powerful tools that are often overlooked by business owners that can yield to lower costs and increases returns.

When told about Web Analytics, more often than not business owners say “ok, so it tells me how many people come to the site and how many pages they saw. So what?” […]

Web Analytics

Web Analytics is an essential but often overlooked component of any online presence, which is key in helping you make more business online, discover ways to save money and optimize your budget. Web analytics can be used to discover site design and usability issues that are keeping your customers from doing business with you, measure the success of your email campaigns so you can use your budget more effectively, see where traffic is coming from so you can optimize your Adwords campaigns and your marketing spending. [...]