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Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? It is the combined use of different tools to attract more people to your site, which in turn results in more sells and higher returns

Inbound Marketing is about making yourself easily found in order to  draw customers to your website. The idea of Inbound Marketing is opposed to “Outbound Marketing” where you push your company out to your target market via ads, direct mail, cold calls, etc. In other words, Inbound is about “earning” your way in by offering relevant content about your product, as opposed to “buying” your way in, in unsolicited ways […]

Have an expert manage my website

Keeping your website up to date is a critical part of your business: a website with last year’s event still posted on the homepage or with outdated product information results in missed sales/business opportunities and gives a poor impression of your business. But also, an updated website ranks better in Search Engines. […]

Be on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So you want to promote your business? Social Media is of course one of the hottest tools for that.

While most businesses understand the value of Social Media, many don’t know how to use it to generate value, be it acquiring new customers, promoting the product/service/brand effectively, increasing sales, etc.

In a recent study, 67% percent of small-business owners said they are holding back on investing in social media because they don’t know where to begin.


Be found in Google

Surveys show that over 85% of internet users go to search engines such as Google to find not just products and services, but information and reviews about them.

Sure enough, you want to show up whenever someone does a search related to your business. While we won’t promise that you’ll be the #1 result (no one can, and don’t trust anyone who claims to do so!), we have achieved solid results for our clients, where they consistently show up at the top of the first page of search results, and drive a healthy percentage of visits from search engines. […]

I want to lower my costs

There two powerful tools that are often overlooked by business owners that can yield to lower costs and increases returns.

When told about Web Analytics, more often than not business owners say “ok, so it tells me how many people come to the site and how many pages they saw. So what?” […]

I need a website

More and more we hear businesses say “Why do I want a website if I can have a Facebook page?

A Website and a Facebook page might both display content about your business, product and service. But they serve two very different purposes.

[tagline_box  description=”A Website and a Facebook page might both display content about your business, product and service. But they serve two very different purposes.”][/tagline_box] […]

Attract new customers

There are many tools to attract new customers. We’ll analyze your situation and choose the combination of tools that works best for you. The tools include: […]

Sell more online

Of course you want to sell more! That’s why you have a business, right?

There is no simple answer or solution because everything depends on where you’re at.

If you don’t have a website, we’ll design one for you

  • making sure it complies with current design, coding and usability standards
  • that is SEO friendly […]